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Project Description

Report on data with Active Directory using SQL, .NET CLR, and SQL Server Reporting Server.

Included Functionality

Exposes Active Directory objects via SQL by translating SQL queries into LDAP searches. Some canned reports are included to demonstrate how to use the tool and provide some basic reporting.

Report on:

  • Computer Objects - Number of objects, OS Versions and Service Pack, how long since the computer has changed its password or logged on to AD.
  • User Objects - Number of objects, how long since the user has changed password or logged on, the Exchange Server/Storage Group/Data base the user is on, which accounts are locked out, which accounts are disabled (anything stored in the userAccountControl attribute)
  • Forest Configuration - Forest Functional Level, Domain List, Domain Functional Levels
  • Domain - Domain Controllers, Global Catalogs, Site location of DCs, PDC
  • Trusts - Target domain, the details about the trust: i.e. the direction, sidhistory, quarantine, etc.

SQL 2008/SQL 2008 Express Edition with Advanced Services
.NET 2.0 SP1

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